Bay House

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Bay House - Sydney, NSW

Bay House - Sydney. NSW.

This is one of our founding projects that allowed us to develop our top hung system using sailing hardware to carry very large Australian Hardwood doors.

Architecture by Stutchbury & Pape, this project won the Robin Boyd Award for residential buildings in 2003.

Baker’s Joinery supplied all the external and internal and much of the furniture for this amazing home. This is still amongst the finest joinery manufactured by Bakers Joinery to this day. The home was featured in “Architecture Australia” in the November/December 2003 edition.

As seen in the photo some of the doors made for this project were made from solid Tallowwood & White Mahogany planks 230mm wide and even had small concealed panels within the large doors for easy access.

6.0m & 5.0m wide Blue Gum laminated curved trusses are one of the main features of the ceiling structure, branching out form the central stone wall, reducing in sectional size as it reaches the outer structure of the home. There are very few areas where you can stand in this incredible home and not see something we have manufactured.

A very special thanks to the clients.

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