Grassy Heads

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Grassy Heads, NSW

We don't often get the chance to supply our hardwood joinery to the local area but this home owner builder wanted something special to go with his incredible views and bring the outside environment right into the home.

With the structural strength of Australian Blackbutt supplied by Species Australia we where able to build large sliding doors that could slide past the out side of the building, opening up large spaces allowing not just great vision to the environment outside but allowing the air flow across the building, keeping it cool in summer. Then in winter the use of large timber sections and laminated glass in these sliding door ensured good thermal insulation for the home.

In the sleeping quarters the client want to use double hung sashes. Because we were using Blackbutt and these sashes where larger than usual we could not use the standard hardware used today on double hung windows. So we went back to the traditional way of make double hung windows, boxed frames, cords & weights. These sashes opened with minimal effort, with the use of fixed fly screens on the outside this gave great ventilation to the bedrooms night and day.

Thanks David.

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